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About Compress Image

This tool enables you to easily compress image files, making them smaller for quicker uploads, sharing, and storage. It supports various image formats and offers a simple interface for batch-processing multiple images at once.

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Compress Image

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How to Use Compress Image?

Step 1: Upload Image Files

  • Click on the “Click to select files” area or drag and drop your image files onto this area. You can upload multiple files at once, with a maximum of 100 files.

Step 2: View Uploaded Files

  • After uploading, you will see thumbnails of your images. Each thumbnail displays a preview along with the file name and size.

Step 3: Remove Unwanted Files

  • To remove any files from the list, click the ✖ icon on the top-right corner of the thumbnail.

Step 4: Compress Images

  • When you are ready to compress your files, click the “Compress Images” button. The button text will change to “Compressing…” indicating the process is ongoing.

Step 5: Download Compressed Images

  • Once the compression is complete, the compressed image files will be automatically downloaded. The files will have “compressed_” added to their original names.

This tool makes it simple to manage large image files by reducing their size without compromising quality.