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About Image Editor

The Image Editor is a web-based tool designed for simple and quick image adjustments using JavaScript. This editor allows users to apply various filters, and rotate, and flip images with an intuitive interface. It provides a straightforward way to enhance images without the need for complex software.

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How to Use Image Editor?

Step 1: Choose an Image

Click the “Choose Image” button to upload an image from your device. This opens a file dialog where you can select your desired image.

Step 2: Apply Filters

Brightness: Adjust the brightness of the image using the “Brightness” button and the slider below it.

Saturation: Change the saturation levels by clicking the “Saturation” button and using the slider.

Inversion: Apply a color inversion effect with the “Inversion” button.

Grayscale: Convert the image to grayscale by clicking the “Grayscale” button.

Step 3: Adjust Filter Intensity

Use the slider under the filter options to fine-tune the intensity of the selected filter. The filter name and its current value will be displayed above the slider.

Step 4: Rotate and Flip

Rotate Left: Click the button with the left rotation icon to rotate the image counterclockwise.

Rotate Right: Use the right rotation icon button to rotate the image clockwise.

Flip Horizontally: The vertical reflect icon flips the image along the horizontal axis.

Flip Vertically: The horizontal reflect icon flips the image along the vertical axis.

Step 5: Reset Filters

If you want to undo all applied filters and adjustments, click the “Reset Filters” button to revert the image to its original state.

Step 6: Save the Image

Once you are satisfied with your edits, click the “Save Image” button to download the edited image to your device.

This tool offers a convenient and accessible way to edit images directly in your browser, perfect for quick edits and adjustments.