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In the fast-paced world of venture capital (VC), staying ahead of the curve is not just a desire but a necessity. VC newsletters have emerged as invaluable tools, offering insights, trends, and opportunities that can make or break investment decisions. Let’s embark on a journey to explore some of the best VC newsletters that every investor should have in their arsenal.

Best VC Newsletters

CB Insights Newsletter

CB Insights

CB Insights is synonymous with comprehensive market intelligence. Their newsletter delivers a wealth of information, including funding trends, startup analyses, and industry deep dives. What sets CB Insights apart is its data-driven approach, providing subscribers with actionable insights backed by robust research.



For those who prefer a more personal touch, StrictlyVC is a must-read. Authored by Connie Loizos, a seasoned tech journalist, this newsletter offers a curated selection of news, interviews, and analysis from the VC world. Its conversational tone and insider perspectives make it a favorite among industry insiders.

The Hustle

The Hustle

While not exclusively focused on VC, The Hustle delivers a daily dose of business and tech news with a fresh and engaging style. Their newsletter is packed with digestible content, including market updates, startup stories, and investment trends, making it a go-to resource for busy investors.

Mattermark Daily

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Mattermark Daily combines curated news with data-driven insights, providing subscribers with a holistic view of the startup ecosystem. From funding rounds to emerging trends, this newsletter keeps readers informed and empowered to make informed investment decisions.

Term Sheet by Fortune


Term Sheet is a gem for those seeking in-depth analysis of deals, mergers, and acquisitions. Authored by Polina Marinova, this newsletter dives deep into the nuances of VC transactions, offering valuable insights into the mechanics of venture investing.

The Information

The Information

Known for its premium content, The Information’s newsletter is a treasure trove of exclusive stories, analysis, and interviews from the world of technology and finance. While access comes at a premium, the quality of insights and insider knowledge makes it a worthwhile investment for serious investors.

PitchBook Newsletter


PitchBook’s newsletter is a go-to resource for VC professionals, offering a blend of market trends, deal data, and industry analyses. With a focus on actionable intelligence, PitchBook equips investors with the information they need to identify opportunities and mitigate risks.

Benedict’s Newsletter

Benedict Evans

Benedict Evans, a prominent tech analyst, curates a weekly newsletter that delves into the intersection of technology and business. His insights on emerging tech trends, market shifts, and investment strategies make this newsletter a valuable resource for forward-thinking investors.

Axios Pro Rata


Axios Pro Rata, authored by Dan Primack, provides daily updates on deals, fundraising, and market trends. Its concise yet informative format makes it a convenient read for busy professionals looking to stay informed about the latest happenings in the VC landscape.

a16z Newsletter


From Andreessen Horowitz, a16z’s newsletter offers a blend of thought leadership, industry insights, and investment strategies. With contributions from leading experts in the field, this newsletter provides a holistic view of the tech and VC ecosystem.

For additional VC newsletters, explore the options available here.


vc newsletters

Conclusively, VC newsletters play a pivotal role in keeping investors informed, empowered, and agile amidst the ever-evolving market dynamics of venture capital. These newsletters, renowned for their insightful analyses and trend-spotting prowess, equip investors with the necessary tools to navigate complexities with confidence and foresight. By staying subscribed to these top-tier newsletters, investors ensure they are always in tune with the latest industry developments, enabling them to make informed decisions and stay ahead of the curve in the competitive VC landscape. This ongoing commitment to staying informed not only enhances investment strategies but also fosters a deeper understanding of market trends, ultimately leading to greater success and growth opportunities.

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