How AI Revolutionized Mobile App Industry In 2022?

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With the advancement of technology, AI creates a multidimensional impact on the app industry and it makes app developers integrate more AI in their apps. Artificial Intelligence helps developers to execute cognitive functions as humans from their developed applications.

Nowadays, Artificial intelligence is one of the most important factors for the success of numerous apps. AI also helps developers to fix critical issues in order to avail better functionality of their applications. AI, along with IoT, uncovers several new opportunities for entrepreneurs and app developers. It helps data scientists to collect data of their customers who use the app and also personalize the user experience. Moreover, AI also improves security and safeguard users’ privacy.

Artificial Intelligence Takes the App Revolution to New Heights

Several popular websites like Best Solution uses AI in their mobile applications. AI tremendously help developers to know more about their users and thus make them able to achieve the desired output. Integrating AI with the application helps to deliver top-notch data-centric services in multiple ways:

Real-time Translations

The latest mobile applications are considered more accurate and handier, but these apps need a strong internet connection to work properly. Artificial intelligence provides a real-time translation that makes the apps independent of the internet. Using AI in mobile applications improves their performance in real-time, and also helps users to access more functionalities of it. Google Translate is one such app that offers an offline translation that not only translates but also converts the script of one language into another.

Enhancing Search

Artificial intelligence in mobile applications helps users to search texts or relevant details using visual search technology. Smartphone developers use AI for developing voice and image recognition features that as a result improves the app performance. Google also uses an AI-based solution known as Google Lens that helps users to search just with a single click or voice. The latest visual search technology allows users to access all details of any product just by simply taking a picture of it.

AI with IoT

Artificial Intelligence along with the Internet of Things (IoT) offers personalized experiences to users. When developers develop an app with latest emerging technology, he/she can access a large amount of real-time data of its users. AI makes developers learn the client’s behavior patterns and also offers services that are more client-specific. This obviously improves the performance of the mobile app and also leads to better utilization of resources with higher efficiency. Amazon Alexa is one such app capable of not only performing voice interaction but also control several smart devices using itself as a home automation system.

Enhanced App Authentication

Enhanced technology like AI, blockchain, and ML, etc. help developers to develop a smoother authentication process and better user experiences. Artificial Intelligence also allows app developers to detect security threats like malware or adware attacks on mobile applications. Enhanced app authentication also enhances mobile app performance by offering safe and secure in-app purchases.

Improved User Satisfaction

Business owners have to answer hundreds of questions asked by their customers on a daily basis. But, the good thing about such queries is that they all are about a certain product, so most of them are of a similar nature. However, the inquiries of customers are not limited only to specific business hours as they can ask at any time. It is the responsibility of business owners and their team to answer such queries according to a business perspective. Here AI-powered chatbots come into the picture which not just automates the entire process but also builds customer engagement. Freshdesk Messaging is a similar such AI-powered chatbot that helps build better customer relationships with quick issue redressal and business productivity through lead generation.


We hope, you are now familiar with the usage of Artificial intelligence in the mobile app industry. The impact of AI in your mobile applications offers a completely personalized experience along with an amazing user experience. Best Solution utilizes AI and other latest technology in its applications to keep its customers updated in a fast-moving market.

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