Is Learning The Latest Programming Skills Worth It?

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Whenever we start to learn something new, we often doubt ourselves why am I learning this? Will it remain relevant in the industry for a long time? Does it help me or it’s just a waste of time? This kind of question generally triggers college students because sometimes learning something has no impact on their daily life.

One of the factors is the lack of guidance and correct source they need to follow. The fact is that now coming technologies don’t have a long shelf life in the market, so it creates confusion to stick with traditional programming languages like Java, C, C++, Python, etc, or learn new coming languages like CoffeeScript, Rust, etc.

The cause that a person’s technical skill set is deprived fast is because IT companies rapidly keep up with the market and reformation of their services. In addition, technology like AI, automation, cloud computing, and mobile development will persist to transform the IT industry and highly affect the importance and need for other skills.

So, quoting a famous quote by Henry Ford, “Anyone who keeps learning stays young.”; Learning new skills gives you the idea of what is going to be the future market as you can see what demand is coming from customers and you can map the requirement and see the important skills required and can make a set of paths for yourself.

Learning new skills is beneficial in many ways as mentioned in the following points:

1. It can help you to be part of the core team if they are working on new technologies and your view will be considered with a serious note.

2. Even if your company is not updating its own or client software, you can put your ideas to higher authorities.

3. Most clients have moved to cloud-based or are shifting to the latest trends in technologies.

4. It will help you to understand company or client work and you can keep up with the plan.

5. You can easily adapt even if the market change because new technologies are always inspired by the previous version.

6. You are aware of your possible threats and possibilities.

How To Make Yourself Learn Efficiently

1. Make your work open for others. It’s frightening, but it’s necessary for development. You should be ready for review.

2. Always consider negative reviews. For growth not only positive remarks as well as negative remarks are important. It is helpful when feedback is directly asked like “What is the prime factor in today’s schedule been improved?”

3. Never take feedback personally. Asking feedback like “What are the things I should improve?” makes it more individual. It also depends on whom you’re asking, it is possible that it can make the other people unsure to give important feedback.

How Will It Help You Professionally?

1. Make your job robust: Since your upper management or senior will always be impressed by your performance in the workplace. So this avoids losing your job, and you can be more productive.

2. Be precise: When you want feedback, be very precise. Choose accurate feedback: “This was the part I struggled with. How can we resolve this?”

3. Improving your work culture: Learning and mastering new skills provides you with different work proposals and makes you in demand always.

4. Increment in knowledge: Learning will increase your knowledge. You will be able to study, practice, being able to teach through your experience.

4. Organizing benefit: You will be in demand from a different team. Your importance will be increased. You can be selected as a leader.

5. Increment in self-confidence: You can know your importance and worth. These are one of the benefits of learning new skills for your professional life. People will give more importance to your ideas and views with concern, and, you will increase your connections.

Final Note

In this era, inflating your knowledge and skill has become a necessary choice. If you are unsure about which study or learning opportunities you can go for, try going for what you are curious about. Think about, “What I am passionate about since childhood?” and surely you’ll find the answer within yourself and you will start your journey. You will be satisfied with your learning. It doesn’t matter whether it’s for a hobby or for a profession, continuous learning results in joy and satisfaction, regardless of all the outside factors.

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