Is Web Development Good To Learn In 2022?

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Will web development still be in demand? This question comes to mind for many young developers. At present, there are tools in the market that do many important tasks for people and with the growth of machine learning and artificial intelligence, it has become a trouble question for everyone. In today’s era, we cannot spend our months on prototyping, designing, and coding. We want a solution in a short time.

What Is Web Development?

Web development is a process of building, creating, and maintaining of websites. It includes aspects such as web design, web publishing, web programming, and database management. It is the creation of an application that works over the internet such as websites.

Roles Of Web Developers

Developers need to use coding languages like CSS, JavaScript, and HTML for building websites. They also have different tasks like debugging, upgrades, and cyber security. Also helps modify the design and layout of a website. Web development requires members prominent in the UI/UX, back-end development, front–end development, and maintenance. Sometimes need to collaborate with professionals to understand their organization’s requirements.

So Should You Start With Web Development?

The answer is Yes. It is still one of the prominent careers anyone can start with. With the development of the internet, the careers around it are also developing gradually. If we see reports and studies it is a common trend across the world, what the market required is skilled technical developers. The increasing eCommerce websites and dependence of people on mobile searches have also increased, so it requires skilled developers to make it operative. If we refer to reports and studies we found that out of total developers in India, 81% of them are full-time employed and the rest 19% are employed part-time. World Report ranked Web Development as the eighth-best tech job in 2018. Web developers also earn a good salary around 4 LPA to 5 LPA averagely as fresher and if placed in a good MNC then they can pay you as high as 20 LPA averagely. As seniors, they can earn as high as 30 LPA – 40 LPA in good MNCs.

After analyzing everything we can conclude that a Web Development career is a good path that a person can start with as its demand is increasing day by day.

The Rise Of No-Code Web Development Platforms

Are our web development platforms like Wix and Weebly a threat to web developers? As we discussed the demand for web developers continues to grow. Web development has become more approachable because of no-code development platforms like Wix and Weebly. These platforms help the user to design new websites without coding experience. Most people are motivated to develop and build their websites. Then do they need developers? Yes, they will still require developers to maintain these websites or build such platforms. Let’s see the pros and cons of websites developed using such no-code platforms.

1. Pros

These websites are easy to use, they are cheap, and no coding is required. You can modify a website without any technical knowledge.

2. Cons

The con is websites made on Wix, Weebly, etc., are still not searching engine optimized (SEO) so it makes it on Google can be difficult. Many of these websites offer trial periods which means everything will be lost if you do not pay after a certain amount of time. If you choose a paid option, you may end up costing more than hiring a professional developer in the long run. Also, not all sorts of websites can be built on such platforms, the customization options are limited and you will be needing a developer to develop a website as per your needs.

Final Note

This technology will constantly be developing with time. Even if the growth is slow and it doesn’t affect our daily professional life but it will be in the market. Seeing how fast the world is shaping itself and new technologies are being introduced to the market, it’s important to have the knowledge and update yourself as per the requirements of the market at that time.

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